Monday, October 29, 2007

"I thought there were just knits and purls?"

Those were the words of my boyfriend the other day as he watched me cast on my second Fawkes sock (okay, it's the third one but that's a whole other story...). We were talking about my knitting a few days previously and I had told him that there are just two stitches - knits and purls. He got me on a technicality though - casting on. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff because he knows what "turning the heel" means. Of course, he tends to ask if I'm turning the heel at random points in time now - no matter where I am in the sock. His new phrase is "closing the toe," learned while I was grafting the toe of Fawkes. He's a cute one. I'll have him knitting yet.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Only one thing to say tonight...

I got my Ravelry invite this evening!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! Happy dance!!!!!!

Other than that, I'm supposed to be studying for quizzes that I have this weekend...blah.

I won't have a chance to add anything to my Ravelry stuff until next week when I'm back from school but I now at least have hours and hours of fun ahead of me roaming around in the groups rather than listen to my lectures. Hee hee..

Off I go again...I WILL post regularly, one of these days...let me get that silly piece of paper in my little hand and then watch out!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

An old joke come true...

Back in 2005, I took a trip down to Miami and the Keys with two of my guy friends. The drive is pretty long from Orlando to Miami, so I took a project with me to pass the time. My friend Jeff thought it would be hilarious to tell everyone that I was "knitting on South Beach" rather than "knitting on the way to South Beach". Took awhile to squash that rumor.

Well, it finally actually happened. That's me on the beach on Cape Cod, knitting away on a sock for my boyfriend. We were taking one last walk on the beach before heading back to Florida. It was a great end to an amazing week away.

So, yeah, I'm Becky and I'm a runner and a knitter (duh!) and I've been wanting to start a blog because a) I read a bunch of really awesome knitting ones and I want to talk about them, b) I want to share my knitting projects with SOMEONE because no one around me knits, and c) someday I would like to join a Secret Pal group but I can't until I have a working blog. I want to make this a fun place to post my running stuff and knitting projects but I'm thinking the posts will be fairly minimal until December when I FINALLY graduate with my MBA from the University of Florida (go Gators...)! So, we'll see, I guess...

We ran 12 miles this morning in Celebration. Wow, it got warm towards the end. Overall, it was a good run though. This is a season of vindication for me. Last December and January, I ran two fairly horrible half marathons. So, what do I decide to do? Run the Disney full marathon to avenge my past performance. I feel like I'm a woman on a mission. Really, though, I just want to finish with my group of friends and have a great weekend. I've got two Mickey and two Donald medals- this year will be a third Mickey. If I break five hours, I'll be ecstatic!

I'm having relaxing time now. Well, I'm supposed to be having homework time but I'm working on some knitting and that's WAY more fun. I'm knitting my first pair of Monkey Socks which is pretty darn exciting. I'm using my first month's skein from the Yarn Pirate Booty Club. I love how they're turning out so far! The other pair I'm working on are some Thuja in sport weight. Those knit up really fast! That's basically why I'm working on two socks at once- a "work at home" pair and a "work in public, don't really need to pay attention" pair.

Okay, finance homework calls...or maybe the socks do...decisions, decisions...