Saturday, March 8, 2008

Clues 5, 6, and 7 and a kitty update!

I have been slacking on the picture taking the past couple of clues for SOTSii but clue #7 is done in time for entry this week. Woohoo! I've actually started clue #8 as well... I'm loving this stole but I'll definitely need some sock/scarf/smaller object knitting for a couple of weeks after I'm done.

I'm leaving for CA on Thursday for a long-ish weekend with my boyfriend and I'm already mulling over what to take for vacation knitting. Very important for those long flights...I figure if I finish clue#8 before I leave, I'll pack SOTSii in my check-thru and print out clue #9 while I'm out in LA. I've got two single socks that need mates so that'll be flying out to CA knitting. Ahh, vacation knitting - I always take too much but I can just never resist "just in case." Did anyone see Yarn Harlot's latest post on this very subject? Hi-larious.

Okay, a kitty update...she's doing AWESOME!!!!!! Mir is driving the other cat's nuts, tearing a@# around the house and being her Mir-ish self. Her recovery amazes me. Just this morning, I'm sitting at the table checking email and she hopped up ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE (such a no-no), walked the length of the table and started sniffing my face - and then started licking my forehead!!!! It was adorable. We loved and snuggled for a few moments and then she nipped at me to let me know she was done. Got to love her...

Just one pic of her today. I think I took this one last weekend. Mark just told me she's laying on my comforter...without the comforter cover on...great...

And here is SOTSii with clues 5, 6, and 7 completed and clue 8 started. Mark was nice enough to hold it for me. I'm not so great taking pictures but I think that you can get an idea of it.

Have a great Saturday all!!!!

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