Thursday, May 15, 2008

Consistently spaced one month apart...

I have been meaning to post for awhile but I've got so much to say that I kept putting it off! Well, if Amy and Dan with their super busy lives can blog, then so can I!

First off...RUNNING!

I signed up for my seventh marathon with
Team in Training. I'll be running in the Nike Women's Marathon out in San Francisco. My dad has been in remission from mantle cell lymphoma for almost a full five years and I wanted a way to celebrate. I think running with TNT again, and raising money again, is the perfect way - don't you? So, if anyone out there is interested in donating...please go to my site at If you think that someone might be interested in helping out, please, please, please send them here to my blog or to my fundraising site. Also, if I have your email and/or snail mail address, you'll likely be seeing a note from me soon. I'm really excited to be doing this!!!!!


Some FOs to peruse...
Jaywalkers in Yarn Nerd Caramel Stout...

Mystic Light Shawl...a bad blocking picture but I'm lucky there wasn't a cat laying on it...

There's also a WIP from Mason-Dixon Knitting but on the slim chance the person who'll be receiving it reads my blog, I shall wait until it's finished and given. That and my Sock Wars socks are my constant companions right now. No pics of SWiii yet.

Finally...the such part of this blog...

I spent Mother Day's with, well, with Mommy. I took her to high tea at the Grand Floridian.

And the girls are doing great. Here are Mir and George trying to get into what they call "heaven" and what Mark and I call the "food storage bin".

I should be off to type more email addresses into my database...and I'm getting sleepy. I'll keep you all updated on my running and knitting progress. And there will always be some "and such" to mix it up. Until then...xoxo (waaaayyyyy too much Gossip Girl)

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J.P. said...

All the knitting looks awesome! I love the way the Jaywalkers look with that great yarn! It looks like a great Mother's Day was had by all! The cats look like they are having a blast in the food bin. Chris tries, but isn't that lucky.

Plus... is there a such thing as too much Gossip Girl? I think it's more like not enough! :)