Saturday, May 17, 2008

First TNT training run!

Just a quick note as I have to get Mir to the vet for her 3 month check-up...

I ran with Team in Training out in Altamonte Springs this morning. The intermediate group was doing five so I joined in. Now, I run a lot - and I've completed 6 marathons - but I'm definitely not fast. These folks were fast! I kept up for 3 and a little bit but finished up by myself. I want to get faster and I want to train on the intermediate schedule because I've already got the distance but I hate having to drop back. It's my competitive nature, I guess...

After the run, I stopped in at Fleet Feet because I desperately needed new running shoes. I love, love, love getting new running shoes! They just feel so great on my feet. I could tell that my others ones were broken down - I bought them in November before Disney - but I could doubly tell once I was fitted into the new ones and then put the old ones back on. Same style and everything but completely different feel. Love it!

As a reminder, keep checking back here for updates on my TNT exploits and be sure to visit my donation page if you have a mind too. The link is here: Becky's TNT for Dad. I know the economic situation is rough and gas prices are outrageous but if you're thinking of contributing to something this year, please consider me! And feel free to share the link with anyone who might be interested as well!

On the knitting front - cross you fingers, I've lived to see another day in the Sock Wars. Still workng on them though...and the secret gift project is limping along. I have two weeks from today to finish it up. I think I can, I think I soon!

Until then...xoxo

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turtlegirl76 said...

If you're a marathoner then you really should expect to keep up with people that run shorter distances. They'd never be able to complete a marathon at that pace! You've got the endurance to go the distance. 26.2 is nothing to sneeze at!