Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad blogger...but FOs!

...and I'm hoping that maybe I can be a bit more consistent with the blogging in the "new year". See, for me the beginning of the year is more about September than January. It's the years of teaching (and of course the 17 years of actually being in school) that's ingrained this in me. Then again, the work new year starts on September 28th with the new fiscal year but that's a different story...

Let's see, what have I worked on the past month...
The clapotis is finished except for the blocking. Boy, did I royally screw this one up. It's like every lesson in yarn weight and reading instructions went out the window. I didn't adjust the yarn weight by adding repeats so it was short already THEN I used a spreadsheet that a kind knitter had posted somewhere but it was missing an entire repeat in each section so now it's even shorter. It's still super pretty though so I'll figure out something. I should have been suspicious when I had 3 balls of silk garden lite left after I was finished...that's going to become a narrower Lace Ribbon Scarf. I saw lleonard's on Ravelry and loved it so all's well that ends well, right?

I finished the twisted rib socks. Had to do the toe on the first sock twice after I realized I was suddenly imagining that my feet were a demure 7 or 7.5...

My Spring Forward socks are almost finished. I've got 10 more pattern rows and the toe of the second sock to do. I was trying to finish up last night but too much beer and yummy food made me fall asleep on the couch at 10. I've learned "when to say when" on the knitting front after the drinking-and-knitting-in-Winter-Park incident of Memorial Day 2008...I'll save a picture of those for the next post!

I've started a couple of emergency knitting kits for my everyday bag and Sean's car. Sean thinks it's hilarious that he's got a little green silk project bag in the door of his passenger side. In it is a center pull ball of sKNITches Bebop sock yarn in Turtleback (love, love, love these colors!), 5 dpns, and the pattern for Charade (ravelry link) socks. I've only done 5 rows of the twisted rib so far because I'm obsessed with finishing Spring Forward but I like knowing that there is always knitting for car rides.

My other emergency knitting project is the Kaibashira socks that were originally published in Magknits but are now archived in knotions. Wow, this pattern gave me fits at first, until I realized that I was reading "kfb" as "knit from the back" instead of "knit in front and back". I couldn't understand why I kept ending up with 17 fewer stitches in the set-up row! Once I got past that (my roommate thought it was HILARIOUS how focused I was on the pattern as I read and re-read to figure out my mistake...but he just shakes his head and says nothing...), I'm cooking along. The pattern is a little fiddly because it's an 11-stitch repeat and I'm more of an even number repeat gal...I modified the heel to be easier for me and kept on going... except... well... I think I'm going to run out of yarn... I think that I put too many repeats in the leg and I'm going to have to go back. What I've decided to do is put the first sock on stitch holders and start the second sock with the new repeat number then go back afterward and rip to where I need to be. I'm trying to not have any yarn left little bits are taking over my stash! I'll post pictures when I've got a complete one!

That's all for today I think...I'm going to try and post at least a little something each night. It'll probably be about running or knitting (see name of blog) as I'm neck deep in marathon training. But, seriously, I would really like to try to be more consistent. So, for today, I leave you with my finished Wisp...

Made for: my cousin Kristen
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze (ok, I know folks love this yarn but I found it tremendously difficult to work with...)
Modifications: added a couple of extra repeats to make it a little longer, wish I had added more!



J.P. said...

Wowee! So much knitting! I hope that you do start blogging more.. I miss you.

Daisymum said...

Your projects are beautiful. I love the colors. Like I always say, If I am not blogging I am Knitting. I get more knitting done if I am not blogging.