Monday, September 22, 2008

A quick post before I fall asleep on my keyboard...

Just wanted to say hello to anyone who might's a little hairy around here and it's only going to get busier this week.

I know that I owe email (JP - truly, I'm not flaking...) and Facebook messages to long-lost folks who are just arriving back in my life. I'm just so tired...and emotionally drained. I got back from the folks' a bit ago. Papa had a doctor's appointment so I left work early to pick him up because Mom had school and Dad was picking Eli (Papa's cat) up from the vet because he had surgery to remove a cancerous lump from his ear. Eli looks so freakin' adorable with a bit less than half an ear. He's as handsome as ever if a bit lopsided. Pray for clean margins! Doesn't it seem like we were just doing this for my poor Mir-bear?

Papa is doing okay. He's so down in the dumps. He turns 85 tomorrow and I think his general feeling is "I was healthy until I moved to Florida". It's really difficult to keep his spirits up but we're trying - it's EXHAUSTING though.

We all go to CT this weekend for my cousin Kristen's wedding. I am SO excited even though Sean and I are only there for Friday night and Saturday night Kristen is the cousin I made Wisp for a few months back. I hope she has it with her on her big day! How cool would that be?!?!

On the running front (see title of blog...), I managed to injure myself a couple of weeks back. Oh, yeah, and my marathon is four weeks from yesterday. My final long run ended up being 21 instead of the 24 I planned this past weekend. It just wasn't happening. I'm resting my calf (where the strained muscle is) and I'm going to start to cross-train either tomorrow or Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed...

Then there's the knitting, which isn't really happening right now. I had an incredibly random accident with a razor (Lady Quattro, you'd think those things are harmless) and managed to slice of a bit of my thumb nail and give myself a nice cut right around the nail bed. The bandage has prevented me from doing much since Saturday.

Wow, I'm looking at all the things I wrote and I'm having a pity party, aren't I?

On a super fun and happy note (yes, I do know what happy is!), I succumbed to the iPhone craze yesterday. With Sean and I looking to form our household, we decided a family plan was the way to go so I'm a proud owner of a black 16G "magic phone". Sean made me hold it with two hands when we walked into Best Buy to get a case for it - I've got a bad clumsiness reputation (see shaving accident above...). It's encased in a green rubber/plastic mix and has a nice protective sheet over the screen. Short of encasing it in something completely unbreakable, or taking it away from me all together, I think we're going to be okay.

I have to admit that although I thought about my purchase long and hard, it wasn't until I hear Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls podcast talk about her iPhone and the StitchMinder (can't find a link, but it's in iTunes) that my knitting interest in the iPhone began to grow. I'm not saying it was the only reason...but it's really cool...

I've reached my sleepy limit at this point so I shall sign off. I apologize for the lack of 1) any photos and 2) more links. I just needed to free-write this evening and stopping to put in hyperlinks and/or pictures was just about beyond my capabilities. More to come soon...promise...might be next week...when I finally have Kabaishara and domesticat's Zephyr socks!


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Jasmin said...

The only shortcoming I've seen on Stitchminder is that it's a one-project-at-a-time application.

I think I'll send them an e-mail and see if they'll expand it to a more realistic number of projects. :)

Enjoy your new phone!