Saturday, September 6, 2008

What is it about college football!?!?


I'm stuck at Sean's in his spare room and hiding from having to watch the football game in the living room. I have no clue which game is on at this point...we started out watching Penn State v. Oregon (Go Nittany Lions!) but then that started to be a blow-out so they're now watching Notre Dame v. San Diego State...I think...

Notice how I said "they". What started out as, "hey, honey, can we watch the Penn State game?" turned into three friends joining us for beer and football. I've been knitting (duh) but I'm bored out of my mind! So I blog. But enough about that...

Finished object time!!!!!

Pattern: Spring Forward

Yarn: Classic Elite Alpaca Sock in Spring Green

Mods: none that I can remember...

The pattern was super easy to memorize although I'm not sure what I was thinking when I chose to knit with Alpaca on a trip to Palm Springs in July.

I'm still knitting on Kaibashira. I had a challenge - I did 5 repeats on the cuff on the first sock and then ran out of yarn for the toe - so I started the second sock with 4 repeats on the cuff and I'm waiting to see how I did. I think I'm okay - there are pics in Ravelry but I hope to post completed ones here soon. It remains to be seen.

So, I'm knitting quite a lot but the big news in these here parts is that Sean and I are looking for a place to live...TOGETHER. *insert incredulous looks from my friends here* We've been hunting for teeny little bungalows the past couple of weeks and found the most amazing place. Well, we placed a bid on Thursday, negotiated a bit on Friday afternoon, got to the price they wanted and then got out-bid and locked out at around 8pm last night. D#$% it! Back to the drawing board... It's fun to look we're just wallowing in self pity right now because we lost the cutie little place that we fell in love with. I still have a feeling it'll work out, it'll just take a bit. Please cross your fingers for us!!!!!!

Well, Sean just came in and insisted on reading my post - and he apologized for making me miserable...and he's making me pasta for dinner. I'm running tomorrow out in the hills of Clermont (stop laughing, there are hills in Florida if you know where to look) so I need to eat a good dinner, stop drinking beer and get some rest. I ran 10 this morning in Winter Park with some of my group but tomorrow's run is supplementary since I've got hills on the course in San Francisco to deal with in October. Training is going great! I've been working on my speed during the week, running at tempo on the longer runs, and I'm up to 21 miles for my longest run. I've got one more long run before taper time. I'm getting REALLY excited about running my race and getting to visit San Francisco. I'm SO excited to see my friend Lisa and her wife CJ! They officially got married last weekend - how very cool is that!!!???

I think my pasta is almost ready so I should sign off for the evening...oh good, the guys went downstairs to throw a football around for a bit...peace and quiet for a bit. *sigh* It's a good thing Sean is so darn cute...


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