Thursday, October 2, 2008


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I'm still working on my picture taking abilities...I always want to take photos at night when the light is bad. Oh well. I'm happy with how my Kaibashira socks came out. Mark thinks the cuffs look like a clown collar for Gracie but I like them. They came out a bit loose but definitely wearable. I probably could have dropped back another needle size. I love the Panda Cotton that I used - great for here in Florida!

I've got a couple of other projects that I'm working on. My stoplight project are just plain stockinette - nothing too complicated when it's a stitch here and there! I'm using fun yarn (ravelry link)- one of those pre-printed patterns. They're very cozy wool that I'll be able to wear for around four days in January. :-)

I'm also working on Zephyr from domesticat. I made a "modification" that I didn't really intend to... all of my SSKs are k2tog - but my k2tog are still k2tog. I, who consider myself a good chart-reader, mis-read. Oops. The funny thing is, I double and triple-checked to make sure that they were all k2tog! Oh well, I think it still looks good. Here's the Ravelry link to my project page: Becky's Zephyr.

On the training front - my calf is feeling a TON better, thank goodness. Sean and I leave for California in 15 days. The race is on October 19th...but there's still time to donate to Team in Training! I ran three today and I'm hoping to run another three tomorrow and six on Saturday morning with Sean and our friends Alec and Kristine. The three of them signed up for Disney again! Those crazy kids...I told them I would have beer at mile 22 for them...don't laugh, it's awesome!

I think I'll go and catch up on the DVR. So many shows have started, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. :-) I hope everyone is doing well! And yes, I know, emails are still forthcoming... it's not that I don't care,'s that I want to be able to sit and type for a long time!

Oh! Almost forgot! Mom, Dad, Papa, Sean and I traveled to CT this past weekend to watch my cousin get married. Awesome time was had by all! Here are just a couple of pictures (click to make bigger):


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