Sunday, October 5, 2008

A severe case of start-itis...

IMG_1704, originally uploaded by KnitterRunner.

Still working on Zephyr, Charade, my "stoplight socks", AND Mari's scarf...but I couldn't resist starting the mystery socks from Through the Loops in celebration of Socktoberfest as well as the Anne Shirley scarf that Nicole and Jenny talked about on the last episode of Stash and Burn.

So, I've finished the first clue for the mystery socks. I know that the suggested yarn is "solid or semi-solid" or variegated that's not too crazy but I'm using Interlacements Tiny Toes. It's not as bright as the picture shows - more jewel tones than anything. The reason that I chose this was that I've been wanting to use it and it was wound. Not only am I trying to stick with stuff from my stash but I'm also working from what is wound to what needs to be wound. Just trying to clean things up around the yarn area of my room. I'm trying SOOO hard not to buy anything new until I use a good portion of what I own. With moving in the next couple of months, I would like to cut down on what needs to be carted across town.

The Anne Shirley scarf from knitty is a cool lace pattern. I saw it as a sign that I needed to knit it because I'm listening to Anne of Green Gables on my iPod (from Librivox - check it out!). I had also just seen the same "porcupine" pattern on my pattern-a-day calendar and was very intrigued. And so I cast-on...I've got just one repeat done so far so no good pictures yet.

A quick note on the running front...I went out for 6 yesterday morning with Sean and his friend Alec and had to turn back a 1/2 mile in. The d@#$ calf race is now t-minus 14 days (less even because it's late on Sunday) so I'm not going to screw this up. At this point, it's all cross-training, all the time until we fly to San'll be'll be'll be okay...

I'm off now to catch up on some TV. My roommate is away so the kitties and I are sprawled out on his king size bed watching stuff on his DVR that didn't get recorded properly in the living room.


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