Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two questions that strike fear in the hearts of knitters...

"How long would it take you to knit a scarf?" (asked the Saturday before Christmas with the intention of it being given on Christmas Eve)

and...wait for it...

"Could you whip up a pair of baby booties so that I can bring them in to work for Doug tomorrow?" (asked on December 23rd)


It's a good things he's cute.

My answers in the end were, "Not very long but it's still not going to be finished by Christmas Eve. Buy her a book." and "Actually, I've got three pairs of booties finished for another gift - you can choose one pair and give them to Doug." That was quickly followed by, "Do you have them with you?" (yes) and "Do you have a gift bag?" (umm, sure, I always carry gift bags in my car...) Mind you, this last conversation was over IM on my Blackberry while I was driving and in his defense, I do have a lot of random stuff in my trunk...

Off to work for a short day and then home to get ready for having my folks over this evening - lots of eating and relaxing. We wait for tomorrow to open presents. Woohoo! I'm like a little kid!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Kwaanza!

Happy New Year!
(both on the 31st and on the 29th, as that's the new year on the Islamic calendar)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rewinding to my CA trip...

So, I got rather side-tracked (I think understandably so) over the past month and a half but I must return for a moment to my trip to San Francisco. I think that I mentioned in my first post about the trip that I did acquire some yarn while I was there. It was absolutely yummy Ming from Artfibers. Turns out, the shop was less than 1/2 a mile from our hotel! You may ask how ever did I find this gem of a yarn store, living in Orlando and all? Well, I am an AVID listener of the Stash and Burn podcast. Nicole and Jenny always talk about Artfibers and Imaginknits so I just knew I had to look one or both up while I was there.
So, I dragged Sean to the shop with me and we walk up the stairs as I explain how I knew where to find this shop and that it was really great. All of a sudden, we round the corner and I stopped dead in my track. Why you might ask? There, standing in the shop, just a few feet away was Nicole!!!! I quickly whispered to Sean what was going on and he was immediately all for going up and saying hi. I got all shy and besides, what was I going to say, "Hi, my name is Becky and I listen to your podcast and I think you and Jenny are great?" I felt like the hugest dork.
Unfortunately, I left Sean to his own devices while I looked around and as soon as Nicole was done with her conversation, he walked up to her with the "my girlfriend is too shy" spiel and then made me say hello. I was mortified! Nicole was very sweet though and Sean took a picture of us...I've been meaning to post it since I got back from CA. Yes, I'm a knitting geek but I feel like I was in the presence of a knitting celebrity. Thanks for being patient with the picture-taking, Nicole!

Sean and I are in Columbia, SC for the weekend at his dad's house. Sean and his dad are hanging speakers for a new surround sound set-up. We drove up yesterday afternoon and will return tomorrow. We might even stop in Savannah on the way back!!!