Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two questions that strike fear in the hearts of knitters...

"How long would it take you to knit a scarf?" (asked the Saturday before Christmas with the intention of it being given on Christmas Eve)

and...wait for it...

"Could you whip up a pair of baby booties so that I can bring them in to work for Doug tomorrow?" (asked on December 23rd)


It's a good things he's cute.

My answers in the end were, "Not very long but it's still not going to be finished by Christmas Eve. Buy her a book." and "Actually, I've got three pairs of booties finished for another gift - you can choose one pair and give them to Doug." That was quickly followed by, "Do you have them with you?" (yes) and "Do you have a gift bag?" (umm, sure, I always carry gift bags in my car...) Mind you, this last conversation was over IM on my Blackberry while I was driving and in his defense, I do have a lot of random stuff in my trunk...

Off to work for a short day and then home to get ready for having my folks over this evening - lots of eating and relaxing. We wait for tomorrow to open presents. Woohoo! I'm like a little kid!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Kwaanza!

Happy New Year!
(both on the 31st and on the 29th, as that's the new year on the Islamic calendar)


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Daisymum said...

I can totally relate. And we usually give in!!!