Sunday, February 28, 2010

Victory is Mine!!!!!

I'm going to bed...sooooo sleeeeeeepy...


Friday, February 26, 2010

I can hear theme from Rocky...

No pictures today...just a quick check-in...

The Heather Hoodie Vest is almost finished! I've got to finish the hood this evening and then pick up for the button band, weave ends, find buttons, sew...I think I can do this! Sean have been VERY skeptical of the whole project so it's sort of become an "I'll show YOU!" situation.

In other news...I got the call from the vet today to come and pick up my Georgie girl. I'm relieved to have her ashes back with her family but still so very sad. A week has passed and barely a moment goes by that I don't think of her sweet kitty self. It's been a pretty rough week although Sean and I did decide to continue on with our road trip over the weekend. I'm really glad we did because a) Key West is fun and b) I would have been absolutely miserable wandering around the house. I'll post pictures of the trip next week.

For hood awaits!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Ravelympics flag is at half mast...

...for I lost a faithful furry family member last dear kitty George...

When Sean got home from work last night, he found her on the floor of my bathroom. She was already gone. That dear man intercepted me on the porch when I got home last night so he could tell me before I rushed into the guest room to put my work stuff down and said hello to the girls. He knows me well. He led me in to see her and I just sat there, rubbing her soft, furry head. Sean had already called my folks - who called to say they were on their way over. He had also called Mark who was already barreling down I4 to get to us. Once Mark got there, Mom, Dad, and Sean left us alone. We sat on either side of her and cried and pet and fussed over her. She has always been a daddy's girl but she and her sister, Gracie, were with me for a couple of weeks so that I could get some kitty love too.

I knew something was up yesterday morning. George was sticking close to me, going so far as to sit on the shower mat while I took my shower. She seemed a bit out of sorts but I chalked it up to an upset tummy. After she got sick, I figured she'd be on the mend. I did take some extra time to snuggle her on the recliner before work. We had a good snuggle and she purred away! I reminded her how after work I was going to come and get her and Gracie to go back to Daddy's.

Later on that morning, Dad checked on her when he came to pick Nittany up for the weekend. Dad texted me that she seemed fine and like her normal self so I didn't think anything of it until I arrived home. One look on Sean's face and I knew, I just knew.

Oh sweet, sweet George, how I will miss you! You will always be my girl and Daddy's peanut! Sweet dreams, little girl!

Sleep wasn't exactly an option last night - more like beer, pizza, the Olympics and Lost, and some knitting. I am making some progress on my Olympic sweater. It's certainly a challenging project but one that I'm learning tons from. I'm really proud of my progress. The back is getting close to done and the two front should go lickety split now that I know how to drop down many, many, many rows to correct stitches or re-twist cables without tinking or frogging all the way down. Learning that in itself is an accomplishment for me so I'm pretty darn proud. Here's a quick photo of the back, sheep stitch markers and all...
I've got two seven hour drives coming up, down to and back from the Keys. Should make lots of progress!!!!! We've had this trip planned for several weeks so we are still going. I thought I needed to get away before - now I REALLY need to get out of town for a bit...

With a heavy heart but knowing my angel kitty is watching over me...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faster, Higher, Stronger...bring it on...

Well, I was thinking it's time to resurrect the blog...and what better time than the Knitting Olympics?

There's lots of talk over on Ravelry about the Ravelympics and technically I've joined the "sweaterboard" event but I didn't actually join a team. I thought about joining one of the podcast teams but I listen to so many! So, this morning, I was catching up on Yarn Harlot's blog and read about the Knitting Olympics. I remember reading about them the last time around...and figured, why not?

So, I throw my hat in the ring...I will be casting on for the Heather Hoodie Vest (rav link) tomorrow night during the opening ceremonies. It's not my first sweater but definitely my first big project with cables...we'll see how it all goes! I'm very excited! It's a pattern that I've wanted to knit for awhile but I had other things on the needles that needed finishing (or almost finishing) first.

In the meantime, I finished up a pair of socks for my mom which were supposed to be mine but I made the first foot more size 9.5 than 8 so, voila!, socks for Mom! I also finished 1/2 of a pair of "no purl monkeys" made out of Yarn Pirate's Daffodilly colorway. So cheery and fun! Also started a Multonomah but no pics yet. Everything gets put on hold tomorrow, though!

Let the games begin!!!!