Friday, February 26, 2010

I can hear theme from Rocky...

No pictures today...just a quick check-in...

The Heather Hoodie Vest is almost finished! I've got to finish the hood this evening and then pick up for the button band, weave ends, find buttons, sew...I think I can do this! Sean have been VERY skeptical of the whole project so it's sort of become an "I'll show YOU!" situation.

In other news...I got the call from the vet today to come and pick up my Georgie girl. I'm relieved to have her ashes back with her family but still so very sad. A week has passed and barely a moment goes by that I don't think of her sweet kitty self. It's been a pretty rough week although Sean and I did decide to continue on with our road trip over the weekend. I'm really glad we did because a) Key West is fun and b) I would have been absolutely miserable wandering around the house. I'll post pictures of the trip next week.

For hood awaits!


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