Saturday, March 6, 2010

We're #2! We're #2!

What a day!

Last Saturday, my friend Courtney and I participated in the RubberNeck Race here in Orlando. Basically, it was an adventure race/scavenger hunt a la "The Amazing Race" - only one of my most FAVORITE shows in the world. We had a BLAST! The weather was atrocious for most of it but we made the best of a wet situation and just went for it. Jason and Sean hung back at the bar (start and finish line) with a computer so that they could feed us information as we needed it. That is completely within the rules of this type of racing!

Here are "The unOfficials" enjoying a pre-race beverage...we later regretted this choice as we tried to run with full...ahem...bladders. The other dumb mistake of the day? Deciding that running 6 miles with our regular group that morning would be a good idea!

We found one of two duck posters while we raced - good for 5 minutes off our total race time! This was in the last 20 minutes of the race. We had heard just before that the first team had already come in. This was the location of the second-to-last clue. Almost there! Needless to say, we made it back in one piece and IN SECOND PLACE!!!!! The first place team had just about 20 minutes on us and other teams came in not too long after us. What does this get us? $300, a 2 night stay in Key West, and entry into the championship race at the end of April. Wahoo!!!!

The first place finishers let us borrow their giant check for a picture...we improvised.

Overall a fantastic day but boy were we tired. Ended up covering approximately 9 miles throughout the race. Add that to the 6 earlier that morning and I did more distance last weekend than I've done in over a year! Good times though...KEY WEST HERE WE COME!



Amber said...

Wow - sweet prize!

Emma said...

Too cool! Love the costumes :)