Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've been lacking in the knitting FOs department as my eyes have strayed elsewhere lately. I FINALLY pulled out my wonderful Ashford Knitter's Loom and finished the project that was warped and quickly warped another one. I've got something else on the loom now using some black microfiber and sari silk. Weaving is such fun and as far as instant gratification goes, it's pretty darn great!

In addition, my folks bought be a sewing machine for my birthday which I absolutely LOVE. So far, I've made a navy wraparound linen skirt and a fat quarter quilt top. I'll post pics of the quilt when it's finished. The skirt was definitely my first project...and we'll leave it at that. :-)

I'm making steady progress on my Multnomah shawl. I've gotten to the feather and fan finally - almost 9 repeats in and working towards a total of 10.

In other news...still running, of course. Sean wants to do Disney again so I'll run that with him next January. I'm also planning on a bunch of half marathons leading up to it and after. On my radar right now: Daytona Beach, St. Pete, OUC, Jacksonville, Key West, Seaside, and Sarasota. I'm certainly not going to do all of them! But it's certainly a nice selection...
Off to knit and read for a bit (Sean bought me a Kindle for my birthday!)...hope everyone has a great Sunday!