Thursday, April 5, 2012

On the road to recovery...but in the breakdown lane for now

Note: this post was actually written last night but I was so hopped up on pain meds that I couldn't publish it out there. Trying to post before the meds make me fall asleep again - it's a small window of opportunity.

5am came quickly this morning. I didn't sleep a whole lot not because I was anxious but more because I was concerned about waking up and getting there on time. By the time I was sleeping soundly, it was time for the alarm.

Sean and I got to the surgery center right on time and they got me registered. They brought be back around 7:30 or 7:45 to get me all prepped. Dr. Lewis popped by just before his first surgery to say hello. The rolled me into surgery around 8:30 to get me hooked up to oxygen and my conscious sedation. Conscious nothing - I was out! I had a moment of internal panic as the anesthesiologist put the oxygen on me - visions of my dad passed through my mind. Hit a little too close to home and I got a little teary.

Next thing I knew, I was back in my bay in recovery! I was super groggy and my foot was aching. The nurses let Sean back to see me and apparently I was already babbling to Sean about a timeline for recovery and when I could reach each milestone...and Dr. Lewis was there the whole time listening. I feel so silly - he told Sean (and me but I have no recall) that let's just focus on this first week. I'm very focused on getting back on the road - can you tell?


We were home by 11 and I immediately crashed (anesthesia and two percocets...) while Sean went to grab my prescriptions. I woke up when he got back and soon after Courtney stopped by for a nice visit during her lunch break. Mom came over after school to hang out and make me chicken soup for dinner (soooooo yummy) and then our friend Jenn swung by with a present for me - notice the bandage on his paw, just like mine!

Untitled Untitled

So I just had a huge bowl of chicken soup and two percocets and am getting super sleepy. Might have to turn Amazing Race off for a bit and nap. It'll be a nice and quiet evening of knitting once I wake up. Speaking of knitting...progress today on my second Honey Badger is below. It's a great knit and goes fast!

Mom's homemade chicken soup with pastina!
Untitled Untitled

Wow, I better sign off before I fall asleep on my keyboard.

The journey continues...


Melody said...

That rabbit is adorable - I love his bandaged paw! The sock is looking good.

Sleep is good - gives your body the downtime it needs to heal your foot. Don't resist!

Victoria said...

I love, love the rabbit. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Take it easy and you'll be back on the road in no time!