Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Shoes!!!!

I'll start out by say - I never win ANYTHING.

I read lots of different blogs - several knitting/crafty ones,  paleo ones, and general healthy lifestyle ones.  One of my favorites is Housewife Glamour - Heather is originally from Central Florida but has been transplanted to the great white north (okay, Detroit).  Her blog is a mix of running and other fitness related endeavors as well as healthy eating and general life stuff.  I look forward to reading what's on her mind each day.

Back before the holidays, she ran a contest to give away a gift card for design your own Reebok shoes.  I have been wearing my Nano 2.0s to crossfit for over a year and I thought it would be fun to be able to design my own - and I like contests - so I entered.  I didn't think anything of it (reference: I never win anything...) until the day after the drawing when Heather tagged me in a post saying that I had won.  WHAT?!?!?

My gift card arrived soon after that and I started thinking about what I wanted to design.  Decisions, decisions...S recommended that instead of Nanos, I go for Olympic lifting shoes since they were the shoe that I'd be LEAST likely to buy for myself if I had extra spending money.  I have needed them but I hadn't been able to fully justify the expense yet.  So, after trying on a friend's shoes to check for sizing, I went to work designing my perfect pair of Olys.

Three weeks later...they have arrived!!!!! and purple and green and blue and...okay, I went a little overboard.  One friend even described them as a unicorn pooping skittles.  But I LOVE them!!!

I am so excited that they're here!!!! S helped me bake them that night so that they'd mold to my feet and I was ready to go for my workout on Thursday.  And then we did bench't quite need them for that.  I did get to wear them for front lunges during the WOD though and I could definitely feel the additional stability.  I know we'll do back squats tomorrow - there are PRs in my future.

Thank you, Heather, for hosting this contest!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Its so pretty,coll and stylish! I want a pair of this!I must admit that Reebok always bring not only the best crossfit shoes but also a high fashioned one. Most importantly this time it brought woolen one.I'm dying to buy it.