Saturday, January 11, 2014

We interrupt this blog...

Yeah, it's been a pretty crazy week...I still owe you "all" (lol...I think I had two pageviews yesterday?) an explanation of the "wool" part of my name but not today.

I've been at my mom's house all afternoon and evening.  She lives about 20 minutes from me and S so it's a quick trip.  The reason for the visit though has been less than awesome.  You see, my dad passed away almost two years ago and today was the day that we were finally ready (really, are we ever actually ready?) to clean out his closet and drawers.  Talk about emotional overload...

We carefully looked through everything and separated it all.  We're donating most of his things to the veterans' association but there were some things that we chose to keep for ourselves.  I got his army shirt and bowie hat, a couple of scarves that I knit him eons ago, a UCONN basketball sweatshirt, and his Yankees cap.  We also found a random red bandanna that we could only conclude belonged to Maggie, his black lab.  That'll be a gift to our girl Nittany when I get home tonight.  I found some superfine gauge sweaters that will look awesome on M and which he loved when I showed him.  We're all trying to find some little piece of Daddy to hold on to.

We had also promised Mom some help in the "to-do" list department.  She does a great job maintaining her house but there are some things that she needs our help with.  For instance, as I type I'm actually updating her TomTom navigation.  M and S are in Mom's sewing room installing the TV that we promised her.  M has also hung some pictures and tightened a horizontal blind frame that was banging on a door.  It's that type of day.  It'll be another day just like it tomorrow and that's okay.  We all help Mom whether we're her daughter, her son-in-law (S), or her son-that-she-never-had (M).  I'm grateful for these wonderful men in my life.  They take good care of us.

The four of us miss Dad tremendously.  It's been a very long two years but more of that another time.  January marks milestones - the day he went into the hospital for the last time (1/1/12), the last time we talked with him (1/17), his birthday (1/18), the day he drew his last breath (1/29).  So, more thoughtfulness for later.  For now, I raise a cider and monitor the TomTom update and go to see what's next on the list.

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Jackie Jovi said...

Oh Becky, I'm so very sorry for your loss. That must be so incredibly hard. I'm sure your mother so appreciates the love and support you all have given her during this tough time.

My thoughts are with you all.