Monday, April 21, 2014


I ran Boston in 2005.  And no, I didn't qualify to run it - I had an exemption number.

Cool story on how I got my number...I ran the Hartford marathon in the fall of 2004.  As part of my "swag bag", I received a subscription to Running Times - a much tinier, much more local version of Runners' World.  I was reading my first issue of this primarily New England running magazine here in Orlando and I came across an article about a father/daughter running duo written by the daughter.  As I got to the end of the article, I realized that I KNEW THE FATHER...well, sort of.

Mr. S was an associate of my dad's - I'm not really sure how they knew each other - and at the time was very involved with the Falmouth Road Race.  Have you had the chance to run Falmouth??  It's A-MAZING - 7.1 miles between Woods Hole to Falmouth.  I ran it first with my dad and twice more after that.  I hope I get to go back someday...but I digress.

Mr. S was the dad in the story and when I remarked to my dad (and my best running partner) about this, Dad immediately called Mr. S to catch up.  He was very surprised that I had seen the article and as my dad related to him my marathon adventures, Mr. S threw out THE QUESTION - "well, would she like to run Boston?  I've got a couple of numbers."  My dad's response?  "Um, let me think about that for a moment - YES!"  And so I ran Boston.  As a side note - I did my undergrad at WELLESLEY - aka the "Scream Tunnel" at the halfway point so Boston was in my blood...that didn't make me faster but what I lacked in speed, I made up in heart.

The whole experience was incredible and I have the utmost respect for the race, and the course, and all the qualifiers - really, all the runners.  My marathon PR at Boston stood for 6 years - until 2011 when I ran Savannah.  Eight marathons and Boston is still (and always will be) my favorite race.  My heart hurt for what those people tried to do to Boston last year but I knew the race and the city would come back better than ever this year. 

Fast forward 9 I ran for Boston.  How far, you might ask?  A whopping three miles...but I ran.  I'm a long way from running 13.1 let alone 26.2 - and over 15lbs heavier than I was in my last marathon - but today I started the climb back.  There's a lot more muscle on me than there used to be because of CrossFit but there's some extra fluff as well that I need to work on.  What more appropriate day to begin again than on the most glorious day for running in the whole year?  I might be limping by tomorrow...but you have to start somewhere.  We shall see where it leads...

For now, it's sleepy time...back to the box in the morning...#BostonStrong indeed!