Saturday, June 21, 2014

The little things...

S and I are up in Cape Cod for a long weekend.  Finally, a chance to relax (for the most part - I hear the shop vac running in the basement...) rather than do any major construction!  It's way too short a visit but at least we got here.  It'll have to do until our time here later on this year...

Last night, we went to The Flying Bridge in Falmouth for a lobster dinner.  Oh yum!  You really have to be okay with getting messy in order to capture all that lobster-y goodness.  Totally worth the effort!!

While we were eating, I mentioned to S something that I had been thinking about a lot lately.  We're both pretty ambitious and driven people - personally and professionally.  All too often, I notice us saying stuff that starts or ends with "when we get here" or "when we do this" or "someday I want that".  And there is always something - a boat, a pool, a bigger house, special trips - and I feel like we're forgetting that our life is pretty darn great the way it is currently.  We've got solid jobs that we worked our butts off for, a gorgeous house, our health, our family and friends, our menagerie, a COTTAGE ON CAPE COD for goodness' sake...I'm afraid that we forget to be satisfied with and appreciative of what we have.  I don't want to miss out on life's enjoyments big and small.  I'm certainly not advocating being complacent - that's not where I'm going with this.  I just want to make more of an effort to enjoy and be thankful for what we have IN THE MOMENT.

And so, this morning we took our breakfast out to the jetty down the street from our cottage and had ourselves a picnic while we stared out at the water and down the beach and reveled in a gorgeous, sunshine-y first day of summer.  It was glorious and simple and peaceful - and just what I needed.  It's the little things.  In this case it was a cranberry muffin and a huge Dunkin' Donuts coffee with the love of my life.  Nothing earth-shattering but we paused.  It's a start.  Life is good.

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alyssa said...

Mike and I do the same thing. It's a good life, though!